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A spoonerism is a figure of speech that switches the first letters or sounds of one or more words in a sequence.

For example, the words "You are the cheese man" would become "Mou Yare he theese chan" and so on.

Spoonerisms can liven up any conversation, as they can be quite humorous.

At first, one should start with simple, two-word phrases such as changing "Your bed" to "Bour Yed."

As one progresses in spoonerism skill, one can begin to "spoonerize" longer phrases. Some can transform five to six word sentences in a matter of seconds.

Another important fact to remember is to keep the same pronounciation as the original word, even though the spelling may imply otherwise.

In addition, one must exercise caution in what words one chooses to "spoonerize." If one is not careful, one may say some undesirable phrases.

For instance, one should avoid the phrase "five ducks."

In conclusion, spoonerisms are rather humorous additions to any conversation, although they can be dangerous for novices.

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