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Attention is something everyone wants... until they get it. Attention-getting is generally accomplished by doing something for the sole purpose of getting people to notice you.

Those who crave attention, particularly children or teenagers, tend to demand attention by doing the following:

  • Spread glitter across their faces, hair, or eyelids.

  • Scream while in shopping malls or in supermarkets.

  • Spend hours getting ready in front of a mirror.

  • Get a tattoo.

  • Do something they know their parents would disapprove of.

Note that the response these things actions may bring, may not be entirely positive.

It is often believed that successful actors have the best jobs ever thought up, as all they have to do is get on stage or in front of a camera and call attention to themselves. However, you will usually find that an actor's least favourite kind of person is a news reporter - a person who has the job of giving others attention.

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